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My Best Photo - like a big love and precious one♡〈ジャニオタ英語部〉



(ジャニオタ英語部speaking にて発表した【My best photo】のスピーチ原稿ほぼそのままです。英語学習の一環でチャレンジしてみたのですが7割はw★bli●に頼ってるとかそのくせ文法がめちゃめちゃだとかそういうところには目をつむってくださいね…)





This is "My best photo".
Do you know 3 boys in this photo?

They are "TheyBudo(They武道)". It's not joke.
I introduce a few things of They to you.


  • They are Johnny's Jr.
  • Left to right, Tsuyoshi Eda, Ryota Yamamoto and Shota Hayashi.
  • Their faces are very pretty and young. But the age of around thirty.

This photo taken in May 24th, 2016 at Theatre Crea that their concert was held. Why do they embrace? Because Yamamoto said "Hug me!".

Hayashi: Hey! Are you being excited? Enjoying? We are TheyBudo! Well...
Yamamoto: Just a moment!
Hayashi: What?
Eda: What's up?
Yamamoto: Er..., hug me. Please hug me one time!
Hayashi, Eda: Hug!?
Yamamoto: Hug me...
Hayashi, Eda: What's the mutter?

  ♡hug hug♡

Eda: ...Were you getting nervous?
Yamamoto: ...Yes! I'm getting nervous! That's crack me up.

There are 3 favorite things to this.

  1. They who embrace each other are cute.
  2. They face down, but they are smiling.
  3. It's very heartwarming and lovely.

Also, that was a special day for them. And for me too.
Independent concert is especially thing for Jr. It's one of their dream. TheyBudo often says "We wanna do our live!". So, this scene is moment that They's dream is coming true.
Moreover, they had been performing separately a few month until that day. (Hayashi in "Takizawa Kabuki". Yamamoto and Eda in concert of Arashi.) Everyone had hoped to meet all members of TheyBudo. Themselves too.
Yamamoto said "I'm getting nervous!". I think expectation and uneasiness to "Independent concert" had been pressing on them. Also, it is been a long time since they performed stage in all members.

Yamamoto depend to Hayashi and Eda. They graps him.
For me, TheyBudo is like a big love and precious one.

Thank you for your reading!